Stepping into Power!

April 25, 2016  |  Uncategorized

I recently felt bold and changed my lipstick to a deep retro red. Within days, I noticed others either wearing bright lips too or complimenting me on the look and asking me for the name of the shade. This may sound trivial, but I’m sharing simply to illustrate how any act of boldness, inspires others to be bold too.

The word “power” comes from Anglo-Norman French poeir, from an alteration of Latin posse and, etymologically speaking, literally means “to be able, ability to act”.

In a deep coaching session recently, I realized that I had an underlying belief formed early in my childhood that “when I use my power, someone suffers.” Imagine how helpful that has been in my life?

It sounds ridiculous, but it was driving or rather holding back my behaviour. In my limited cognitive capacity as a child, it was embedded in my emotional brain that when I truly turned it all up, my power of influence, persuasion, charm, cuteness, my inherent strengths and talents –
someone got hurt.

So despite my evolution, I rarely and cautiously stepped into my power, slightly, here and there and when I did, magic happened, but then when things didn’t seem to be working the way I thought they should, I let my doubts over-take, I questioned my own motivations, I second-guessed my choices and I stepped back again to being less powerful, less authentic, less me.

When I really connected with my knowing deep down, and took my ego out of the way, I realised that I could never cause anyone their suffering, they would only suffer if they themselves had given up their power.

I have been a fan of Marianne Williamson and her poem which she so graciously let me quote in my first book, “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” – Our Greatest Fear” (pasted below if you don’t remember it) It has spoken to this since I heard it in the first self-awareness workshop I attended in 1999, and I know this, yet a few days ago, this stark realization that even after all these years of my own personal development, my reading, writing, coaching, being coached, facilitating, participating, I still held myself back and played small, for fear of outshining others, showing off, hurting others, causing others suffering! Who did I think I was? What a martyr I was playing!

I guess that’s why we need regular reminders, it is easy to fall back into old habits.

So the realizations were:
I am not more powerful than others, and in fact when I allow myself to be powerful, then I allow others to step into their power as well, to either stand up with or even against me. Hence I don’t need to fear my strength, just use it from a deep place of knowing that I am always taking inspired action, which comes from knowing that we all always, always, always choose the best option available to us based on the wisdom and resources we have at that time.

Watch “manholes video” again here

Power BW
I feel good – nanananananah,
Coz I’m happy….. ☺

To add to the synchronicity of the coming integration and hence amplification of my power, this weekend, I walked into a 3 day intensive process with Peggy Phoenix Dubro where she bridged us to our infinite selves. Even trying to use mere words to explain the spiritual experience would be impossible, but I will say this much, it was as if I, we are 100watt light bulbs, but we only glow at 30 and through practice, we strengthen the filament so it is strong and then we can allow more “energy” in so that we shine brighter.

FilamentI will leave you with this. If you have been following some of my work and read the chapter on Synchronicity in “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball”, you may remember that I kept seeing the symbol of infinity, the “figure-eight”- in the 3-day session with Peggy, I received more confirmation that we are evolutionaries, playing our part in being in helping to serve and raise the consciousness of the world, firstly through brightening our own light, so that it may attract and help illuminate the path for others! To know more about Peggy’s work and the intense 3 day process we experienced this weekend with her in Jakarta, watch this video


How would you look if you turned up the dial on your power switch?

What would be possible if you stopped dimming the light you exude?

What will it take for you to shine brighter? Who can you ask for support?

“Owning your power enables you to act – to do things, to move things, to change your whole life! Most of us however have been programmed since an early age to give our power away. We give it away to inner energies, such as our negative ego/ lower self, inner child, emotions and fears.”- Gloria Excelsias, Integrated Ascended Master Expert Gloria


  1. Thank you Malti! I am particularly grateful to you for the reminder here that power need not be a zero sum game; that for me to stand in all my power does not mean you or anyone else need have less power.

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