How to Become a Professional Certified Life Coach

Newfield Network in Asia - Approx US$15,000 - approx 9 months and 3 trips to Singapore. Accredited

The next enrollment is in October. It includes the 3 live conferences and you also have tele-classes, study groups, learning groups, a personal coach, reading and assignments.

A very dear friend of mine runs - Newfield Network in Asia. If you decide to go with Newfield, please let me know and I will have someone get in touch with you. With Newfield, you will be assigned your own coach and mentor coach of the highest distinction so you will not need my support at all. I would call Newfield the "MBA" of Life Coach Training.


Once you have learnt the principals, the modules, understand and adhere by the ethical codes and distinctly understand the difference between counseling, therapy, psychology, consulting and coaching - you get your credentials and you can start, but the learning never ends.

How successful can you be as a life coach? Well that is entirely up to you and just like any business or practice, it depends on how much you put in and on your strategies and ultimately how good you really are.

All you get at the end of a course is your white-belt as I like to say, and then it is about practice practice practice.

Essentially, experience is essential. I do believe that you will attract the clients that you can support and as you grow, the type of clients you work with will evolve. How else will you gain experience when you are a newbie?

My coaching style is a combination of Life Coaching, NLP and Ontological & Somatic coaching. My experience has made me very intuitive and I find that I am able to facilitate growth and learning in my coachees very easily.

If you are training to be a coach and choose to work with me simultaneously, we will look at YOUR coaching style, accreditation process, business model and support you in establishing your practice. Being a fairly new profession, a lot of people call themselves coaches when they have not done any formal training and have no experience behind them.

Being good at giving advice to friends and colleagues does not constitute a coach. There are distinctions between coaching and the other practices. It is essential that the profession is kept professional and in high regard.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can support you with and if you want any coaching while you make this transition. I hope I have answered your questions. Do email me if you have any other general questions about the services we offer. If you would like to book a session with me to find out more about coaching as a profession and about my experience, let me know and I will send you a PayPal link so you can make payment.

A coach serves you as you pursue the things you want to create in your life but have not been able to do so independently as yet. As a mentor coach, I support my coachees on finishing their training, and working towards credentials, building their practice and selecting their niche, keeping them grounded and humble and I teach them ways to use their body, emotion and language to change the way they "See" themselves as a person and as a coach to best give them the results they desire. You can't work on the coach that you are without working on the person you are. Coaching ultimately is more about "being" than "doing".

As a PCC with the ICF, I will observe your coaching calls (you will need to record some of them and send them to me) and I will hold you to practicing and honing your competency using the ICF Core Competencies and Ethics.

I hope I have been able to shed some light on coaching for you. Feel free to email me if you have more questions or want to take it further with me or would like to know more about Newfield.