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Malti Bhojwani

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Malti Bhojwani, 43, is a personal development (self help) author, professional coach trained and experienced in NLP and Ontological coaching, a speaker and workshop facilitator. Having been in the personal development industry for over 14 years, she brings her years of experience to scores of individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world.

She is a Singaporean mum, lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent most of her adult life in Sydney, Australia and currently resides between Pune and Mumbai in India. She has been well received and loved for bringing humanity back into the corporate world and for restoring dignity and self esteem to countless individuals.

Her forte is teaching people how to change the lens through which they see in order to create new and lasting changes in their lives through body, emotion and language cohesion. She says she coaches from her wounds as she had challenges with obesity and low self esteem herself growing up and is now the slimmest and fittest she has ever been. Malti has worked hard to build her brand and continues to coach and mentor other practitioners and aspiring speakers and writers to do the same.

Her clients include individuals and teams from Microsoft (Thailand), Mahindra & Mahindra, The British Council & members of YPO and EO, BMC Software, WIPRO, spoken to ADP, The Rotarians and addressed countless book clubs and business groups internationally. She has coached and mentored individuals from SAS, Genpact and  Kelloggs and facilitated a mentoring program for PepsiCo. She is a regular contributor and expert consultant for the Times of India and countless other international and Indian publications including the Egyptian magazine Fibers and now a world-renowned author. She’s been interviewed LIVE on CNBC India and on Australian TV several times.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF (International Coach Federation) – over 1000 hours of logged-coaching and intense training.
  • Ambassador and Coaching Group Leader for the ICA (International Coach Academy)
  • Graduated from Newfield Network in Ontological Coaching
  • Registered Global Coach of the Human Systems UK, which is an elite community of Professional coaches from over 70 countries and Invivo Play systems Sweden
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner (Christopher Howard Institute)
  • Worked as a Senior buyer for an Australian Online Department Store.
  • Qualified Gemologist.
  • Top Ranking Life Coach in India out of over 13,000 registered (source LinkedIn) 2nd Top Ranking Life Coach Internationally out of over 380,000 registered (Linkedin)
  • Written the Foreword for other Life Coach’s books
  • Almost 12,000 Facebook Likes, 13,000 Twitter Followers, 100,000 YouTube views with over 100 short videos on Life Coaching.

Her book “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” has received international accolades, including endoresements by Les Hewitt (Power of Focus), Ivan Misner (BNI), Bob Urichuck and many others, it has since been translated into Bahasa Indonesia & “Thankfulness, Appreciation & Gratitude” has gone into reprints. She has 4 more books for 2014 and 2015 release including Brain Spa and Brain Spa Journal. 

Read some of her published articles in the Times of India here:

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Replace your “DON’Ts” and watch your life Transform – Professional Life Coach advises

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We can’t not do stuff, we can’t just stop it, (though I JUST LOVE Bob Newhart’s video – Stop It – link below if you haven’t already watched it)


We need to replace things. Think of your time and your mind as a space that needs to be filled 100%, like even a half empty-half full glass is not really empty, it is half filled with water and half filled with air. So, when you want to stop doing or thinking something, you need to make it easier for yourself by consciously and decisively replacing the thought or habit with something else. Because it takes time to replace habits, especially neurological ones, it makes sense to carefully select a truly empowering habit to replace the old ones with.

In your relationships especially as a parent, the same trick works wonders but you need to add an extra step which is adding the reason, instead of telling your child not to scream, request him or her to speak sweetly so you can understand them better. Instead of asking your friend not to be late, request them to be early so that you can be on time.  Getting it?

In fact someone recently made fun of me because he felt I was using Negative language and called myself a professional coach trained in Ontological Coaching and in NLP, and yet my previous book is titled “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball”, well, I guess he didn’t “get it”.

Easy stuff, just practice and please share your examples.

Don’t Talk  ***  Sit Quietly for a 5 minutes

Don’t Smoke *** Let’s be really healthy and avoid all forms of carcinogenics for a week

Don’t eat fattening food *** I’m eating fresh & light food this month

Don’t irritate me *** Please talk facing me without gum in your mouth

Don’t be late *** Please be there at 1:55, so we can start on time

I don’t want to think about him/her *** I am focusing on my talents and work

I won’t get drunk *** I will sleep sober to wake up without a headache tomorrow.

I don’t want to be so moody and depressed *** I will practice smiling and thinking of fun stuff

Don’t make a mess *** Please keep the place neat and tidy

I don’t want to fail *** I will succeed

I’m not good enough, fit enough, rich enough *** I am good enough

I’m fat *** I am becoming healthier and more fit each day

I won’t spend so much *** I will practice mindful sharing of my resources

Don’t Think of a Blue Ball *** Think of a Red Balloon

These are just a few examples of how you can successfully replace disempowering habits in your life and habits in your self – talk.

Please share your examples.

From I to We: The more you share, the more you grow – Professional Life Coach shares

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Hoarding is for mice, not men!

Share your knowledge, experience and resources to open up the flood gates of abundance.

How often have you noticed yourself holding back your knowledge because you haven’t been paid to share it? Or what about if you are in the information industry, (of any sort) and when you are teaching something, but you hold back thinking you want to save some for yourself. You hesitate from sharing it all because you feel you will empower others too much and then you will no longer be the expert? Are you guilty of guarding your recipes with your life, because if you told your friends how you made that amazing salad dressing or the decadent chocolate cake, they will make it themselves and yours won’t be special anymore.

Well, all you are doing is keeping your own abundance valve closed. You see, when you hoard, you are living with the belief that you will run out, and that the supply will end. You think that all you know is yours and if you share it there will be no new information and knowledge that will come to you. Similarly when you don’t want to teach or share with others how you do what you do, for example a recipe, you are also affirming that your talents end with that one recipe. I have learnt that the more I share, the more I end up learning and my own reservoir fills up, it is almost like it can’t take in more unless I share what I already have.

A financial planner or hard-core business consultant would surely disagree with me and slap me on my wrist, but the immense joy I feel when I share and others get to enjoy and even modify what I shared confirms to me that this is the way to be. Nothing we have is truly originally ours, we are inspired by ideas and people around us, we learnt them through our personal filters and we add what we learn to what we know and then we create new, but is anything really ours? No…it is all Universal knowledge, Universal information, we are merely channels for it to pass through and the more you let out, the more will fill you up.

“Filling up and spilling over, it’s an endless waterfall” (Cris Williamson – Waterfall)

PS: My favourite salad dressing recipe:

Take an empty glass jar (size of a Pesto Jar), fill it with a heaped teaspoon of Classic Pesto, Add about an inch high of Balsamic Vinegar and 1/2 an inch of Olive Oil, add salt and cracked pepper and shake the bottle vigorously. Pour on your salad.

My favourite indulgent salad dressing recipe:

Same as above, but add half a mashed avocado to the mix