Compartmentalizing Pain by Moksha Part 1

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What I mean by compartmentalizing pain is to let the pain take over only a part of you. When hurt is caused to you or you are worried about something, it may take up your energy reserves in its entirety which means that you may be unable to think beyond that incident or worry – that’s ok, let it worry you but only for some time. What you need to aim towards is to help it become a  small compartment inside you till you actually deal with it.

When an incident has just happened with you, call upon your guardian – your soul. Even if it is the smallest incident, don’t let it go by, the moment it touched you deep inside only means that it has the capacity to affect you negatively and its time to summon the guardian.

When you are getting yourself initiated in this process you will not know how to pick out this guardian voice simply because the guardian voice and the demonic voice coexist inside of you  and the demonic voice has the capacity to overshadow the guardian voice.  It has a  gentle demeanor, precisely among the reasons most of us do not even hear it.  Learn to hear it, and the more you hear and follow its advice, the more powerful it gets, THE MORE POWERFUL YOU GET. The more powerful you get, the more easily you are able to compartmentalize (among so many other things that you can do with this power within you). You can compartmentalize because this light or voice is all pervading in you.

In the diagram those little boxes are emotions that are only a small part of you but what is all encompassing is the light. The light of wisdom and knowledge. Soon it kicks out those little boxes that hurt you.



Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.29.15 pm


***Look out for Part 2***

About the Author – Rashmi Joshi  aka “Moksha”

Having meandered through life doing what I was ‘SUPPOSED TO’, I finally realized my calling- writing about how to derive those all important lessons that our souls were meant to. Fuelled by the desire to ‘learn as I lived’ had me writing original quotable quotes by grade 8.

I hold a masters degree in Labour Law, an MBA in HR and along side trained in classical singing, which I pursued for 24 years.

I have written a book on Practical Philosophy that helps people learn to live successfully, make wise choices and get rich by earning pearls of wisdom.




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