How to Become a Professional Certified Life Coach

An overview on the industry

The Life Coaching and Personal Development Industry has been one of the highest growth industries in the world over the last five years. Personal development refers to activities that improve self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. What could be more “Sellable”?

According to market research and statistics, it is a 64 billion dollar industry worldwide. In the US alone, an estimated 9.6 billion dollars was invested in personal development in 2005 in the form of:- books- motivational speakers- personal coaching- weight loss programs- audio tapes- stress management programs It is also projected that this industry will grow at the rate of 11.4 percent yearly and reach 13.9 billion dollars in 2012.

Life Coach training is becoming big in India, Indonesia, Singapore, China now, as all the training institutions saw it as a growth industry, the dilemma and concern is that a lot of people who are not trained or mentored or credentialised are calling themselves Life Coaches, and using the term loosely. Part of my work in Life Coaching is to support people who want to seek coaching and those who want to become life coaches so that more and more people can in turn be coached.

Coaches don't work on "issues" problems or go into the past to scratch the scabs off the old wounds. Coaches won’t work on severe anxiety, depression, or any other challenge that requires a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. And another distinction, an Ontological coach works on how you are “being” now, more than what you “do” (the word is big) but the meaning, is just that of “being-human” and it connects personal development and the work we do with “faith” in the Universe or dare I say, God. A coach remains non judgmental and has no agenda except to open up more possibilities for their coachee/client.

I have tried to explain it as clearly as I can, but as you can understand this is a huge conversation and it is rather challenging to sum it up into a single page. If you would like to book a session with me just to talk through all about coach training and my experience and opinions on coaching as a career, please click here to book a session for $400.