How to Become a Professional Certified Life Coach

Helping, fixing and serving represent 3 different ways of seeing life.
When you help, you see life as weak,
when you fix, you see life as broken,
when you serve, you see life as whole.
Service is the work of the soul.
Fixing and helping create distance....between people...
We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected...
(Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen) Newfield Network

If you would like to train to become a certified life coach.....then read on...

As a Life Coach, we aim to serve, not to fix or to help. That would be the primary distinction.

I have been coaching internationally for over a decade.

Becoming a life coach is a very fulfilling career choice and if you have already got that calling that your purpose is to serve people to realize their own potential then yes....this will be a great career move for you.

In my opinion, you must train with an institute who is aligned with the ICF International Coach Federation (Accredited programs) So when you are doing your research make sure that their website boasts ICF Accredited Course/Training for ACC and PCC Levels. They would be ACTP Courses.

I am now a PCC Coach and trained in Ontological Coaching as well with Newfield Network.

Coaches who have been credentialed PCC or MCC by the ICF have undergone at least 125 - 200 hours of coach-specific training; have 750 - 2,500 hours of coaching experience; and have been coached by a mentor coach.

Credential holders have demonstrated a working knowledge of the ICF Core Competencies, definition of coaching, and Code of Ethics through a rigorous examination process.

The best part about this work is like Socrates said "The more we learn, the more we realise how little we really know"

A lot of my clients are coaches themselves or in training to become coaches and I sometimes offer them coaching as they go through the transition.

Having a coach when you are establishing yourself as a coach and setting up your practice is very helpful. I still work with a coach and I have been doing this for over a decade, only someone who is coachable themselves, can coach effectively.

All coaches bring their personal and professional experiences to the table. What I love MOST about being a coach is that coaches mostly operate with an abundance mentality and not lack.

The more coaches there are, the better for all of us. And we all attract the client that we are meant to attract.

Coach Federation

Throughout the years I have trained in various personal development Workshopss and I was also involved very intensely in a “Human Potential Movement” training in Asia between 1999 and 2002

If you are truly interested in personal development and transformation then, I strongly recommend Newfield. The deep learning that they offer and the opportunities that opened for me after training with them is immeasurable. It consists of 3 live conferences and 9 - 10 month of distance learning, it is very intensive and lots of fun.

This is not about putting your toes in to try it out. This would be one of the most transformational courses you ever do AND you will be experienced, trained and get your credentials and be able to coach with confidence and dignity when you finish.