Executive and Life Coaching

Executive coaching and life coaching cannot be separated as coaching helps us to see our lives holistically. Malti is an experienced and skilled Newfield trained Ontological coach with over 15 years of experience in coaching executives and entrepreneurs internationally. A coaching journey with her will help you take on big challenges by transforming your way of being. They are conducted over the phone and are confidential. Malti is a coach and facilitator of Transformation which happens on a deeper level than just behaviours.  Coaching is exploratory and positive, the focus is forward and towards your goals and dreams through the lens of your current challenges.

In Neuroscience studies, it has been researched that delving too much in negative thoughts and emotions from the past which can be the case with a therapist or counselor can activate the Amygdala, (almond-shape set of neurons located deep in the brain's medial temporal lobe which can be responsible for more fear, stress and panic) this in turn also shuts down your physical ability to release serotonin in our brain, which is a contributor to us being able to think positively and creatively.

Coaching supports you in changing the Observer you are and hence the ability to look at challenges as opportunities to springboard you to the desirable results you so want. 

Coaching journeys offered by Malti are listed below. You could sign up for one session or a journey of 6 sessions at a time. The calls are specific and powerful and aimed at supporting you in living your best game and on your professional and personal goals. Many of Malti’s clients work with her for years as their lives transform and they choose to continue exploring their personal and professional evolution from a higher level.

Homework may be given in between sessions, depending on how we proceed and your specific needs. 

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Recommended coaching journeys last 3 months to a year. Malti’s executive coaching fees are US$400 per session with coaching journeys of 6 sessions for $2,000

However as we feel coaching should be affordable for anyone, especially those who are in a phase of transformation in their lives and not just to executives who usually have their organizations invest in their coaching, single coaching sessions for individuals range form US$100 and US$500, please select how much you want to invest in your accelerated personal evolution for now.

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