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August 12, 2013  |  Book Reviews

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So Malti, I have read and re-read Chapter 2 of “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” I am trying to practice plugging in and surrendering to the free fall, but do you have any more tips on how I can do this practically?


Quote from Chapter 2:

“Having a safety net in place will allow you to give up just before the time you would have succeeded. People have often asked me how I soar higher every time they have seen me almost fall, and I think the only answer is that I have implicit faith in the Universe. I am on the journey and path that is mine. Despite the odds in the eyes of onlookers, I keep at it, working at it, learning and practicing all the time patiently, because there is no safety net and I know that falling is not an option”


Author’s comments:

I have a video that I just uploaded to share with you my own personal plugging in method.

More Videos of Plugging in

Link: Videos on Plugging In

I also have older videos on my channel in a playlist called “Plugging In”

I hope these videos answer your question but to add to it, here are some excerpts from my recent posts:

















In my “bucket list” of things that I want to do before I die, “sky – diving” is at the top for me, right next to “speaking at a TED conference”. When I think about why I want to deliberately jump off a plane, what comes to mind is the desire to experience a cocktail of feelings including fear mingled with faith and excitement.

Today, as I was about to meditate, all my thoughts were rampant about my work, opportunities, challenges and all that, but in the whirlwind, I caught the feeling of surrender. I realised that I no longer pray for any specific outcome. I noticed that I was actually OK with anything. Has my faith grown or has there finally been enough validation that things are starting to go my way? Classic chicken and egg scenario, but I’m pretty sure it was the faith that came before the results.

“In the old day, I’d have been complaining, chasing , showing some annoyance, or at least begged God with tightly clenched hands to please please please let this or that happen the way I want it to, but now I truly surrendered. I have this sense of free-falling, a knowingness that I am cradled by something and that I had nothing at all to be afraid of, and in fact all I could do, now that I had “jumped-off the plane” already, was to enjoy the glide! 

Trust implicitly, plug in to yourself and surrender! 

I know more than anything in the world, that whatever happens is really and truly for the best, for me! It almost feels like my Universe exists for my good and that anything that even seems like a disappointment, is in fact perfect and allowing for something better to come my way, or maybe saving me from some pain that was going to come my way.

I am learning to live life like as if I am on a roller coaster, one that I went to the park to ride on by choice and waited in line to board, and ensured I put the safety bracket on – enjoying all the thrills with glee, a tinge of fear mingled with excitement and faith that it will all be OK! 

Wanna get on board with me?


As I was sitting with a client of mine, and he was carefully penning down his specific goals, I had to interject with what I really believe which is inspired by a verse in Chapter 2 of The Bhagwad Gita about detachment to the fruit of our labour.

So as I fumbled to express myself, I came up with this analogy which I really want to share with all of you as it really really drove it home for me. Yes set your goals and be specific about them, this is like entering an exact address into your GPS system, so that you can move forward. Then think about the feelings that the attainment of these goals will give you, not just the measurable outcome. For example, if it is a promotion, then the feelings could be of “respect” and “confidence”, or in an example of a financial goal, the feelings could be “freedom” and “security”. After that, surrender, and trust that what is in store for you is so much more than our limited experience can even imagine.

Is it then a coincidence that the quote action email that I received from a friend yesterday was this one: “If you try too carefully to plan your life, the danger is that you will succeed–succeed in narrowing your options, closing off avenues of adventure that cannot now be imagined.”
American Diplomat, Harlan Cleveland

So let’s just say that the feeling I want to experience or taste is “Sweetness” and I set the goal on a pursuit for peaches, because it is the sweetest fruit that I know existed. I then spend my time and energies working towards finding these peaches. I toil, and work hard, I climb high and seek low, and then I face disappointments after disappointment, but I keep going and I don’t find these peaches. Instead, because I never gave up, I end up in this farm and there I am presented with Alphonso mangoes and this is the sweetest, most exquisite fruit I have ever tasted. The sweetness is beyond imagination!

So, yes write your goals, yes pursue them, connect with the experience and feeling that you feel achieving this goal will give you and then as much as you can, feel that feeling now, where you are and surrender with full faith that whatever is in store for you will be far far sweeter than anything you could have imagined, so don’t be disappointed along the way if things don’t look as you had hoped they would, your path towards the sweet mangoes is just being laid out as you walk towards the peaches.



If you haven’t already done this, I strongly recommend it,


“Write it down on a piece of paper ‘I trust the Universe IMPLICITLY, A LL the time’. Stick this on a wall in your room where you will see it every day.”


Watch the videos, especially the last one, it took me 10 minutes to record, but I am sure it will give you a lot of support in practicing plugging in!!


Lots of love and gratitude,


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