Power of Self belief by Biren Patnaik

May 19, 2015  |  Uncategorized

“One day I shall triumph the world, let the day be TODAY”

When was the last time you believed that you can achieve anything? When was the last time when did something amazing? When was the last time when your tears rolled down in accomplishment?
Remember when you were a child; did you ever give a second thought to buy a cycle when you asked from your father? You did everything that your father had asked you to do. As a child you never gave a second thought to anything. You could climb trees, you could do cycle stunts, you could stay without eating for hours just to make everyone meet your demands. You built yourself through numerous failures. Failing at something was just a word or getting ready for another attempt until you succeed. You had no fears, no regrets, no qualms but it was just your self-confidence which kept you going.
As a child, you worshipped a superforce which was invisible yet your belief made you realize that the higher energy will help you to achieve your goal. You were able to achieve your goals only because you believed yourself. There was no word called “RISK” or “What if?” rather you believed “Let’s try again” or “Why not?”
As you grew up, your vision got narrowed, your action stopped responding to your thoughts, you doubted your own ability, you started feeling conscious and you started fearing failure. But as someone has said, Great people think differently, see differently, analyze differently and so did you, but you never brought it into actions. How many times you have created a plan or thought of something which after some days or months became a reality by someone else and the same guy became famous for his innovative thought. What was the difference here? You were as great as that guy but only thing that separated you from him was his courage to action his thoughts and a result he became the innovative person suddenly.

Remember in order to be successful in life; you need to have a belief system, a system where you know yourself, your ability, a belief that you have something unique. Amazing things happen to courageous persons and not only to lucky persons. Even if you don’t achieve what you desired, never stop dreaming because dream is the greatest motivator of all, it pushes you every time, it makes you realize your strength & it gives you courage.
Why do people worship their idols? Why do people worship God? They believe that their idol or God has some power which no ordinary person or themselves have. The unknown super force makes them to be worshiped. You idols are not GOD but they had one super power – self-belief which made them what they are. Each one of you has the same, you need to just identify it and go with the flow. You are great too! You are where you always wanted to be. You are now in a comfort zone, arrogantly holding it with nothing to lose. Break the barrier and make a small move, you will be amazed with the result it delivers.

Everything needs a start and to do so, begin with a small step of being happy. Do one thing everyday which brings a smile in your face – it may be watching a cartoon, reading a book, playing game, writing a thought, helping others or anything which will impact throughout your day and gives a sense of accomplishments. Try it for next for next few days and see the magic unfold.
Children are God’s incarnation and that is why a child does amazing things. Bring the child in you and go a step closer to your dream. Humans do amazing things too. God has blessed us to be unique because he created every human being differently otherwise all of us would have looked same with same characteristics.
Start believing yourself and the power within you and say to yourself “I will triumph” because if God is great then whatever he created is also great.



About the Author:

Biren Patnaik is a blogger by passion, a professional by character, a dreamer by nature. He is a presently working in an MNC based in Gurgaon. He loves writing articles and short stories, likes reading inspirational books and listening to various philanthropist like Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Napolean Hill and Robin Sharma. He has his own blogging site – www.uniquebiren.com.

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