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Taken from my very first book: Thankfulness, Appreciation Gratitude

***Malti_bookTAG her first book reprint

Where we are in life is made up of the sum of our habits. Our physical, financial and mental health is the total of the little things we do every day. Instilling a daily habit of writing in this diary will change your life in ways you cannot imagine. The simple act of expressing gratefulness and feeling it takes away all negativity – ear, stress, guilt, lack and sadness, and you will feel awesome, even the good feelings only lasts for the few moments that you are writing in the journal, this daily habit and the positive vibrations will add up and help you manifest a life full of joy and happiness.


Think for one moment of the thousands of people in Leh who were rendered homeless overnight in August 2010, do you have a roof over your head? Are you dry? What about the Northwestern Chinese who also suffered due to the rain triggered mudslide. Imagine losing your family and friends overnight. Did you know that in Vietnam, the per capita income in 2008 was just over $1,000 a year. That is only $2.80 a day, how much did your lunch cost today? 1.6 billion people are living in darkness, 400 million are from India and many of them use wax candles, dung cakes and firewood to illuminate their homes.  Do we even give it a second thought when we hit the light switch in our homes? Are you grateful? A huge percentage of the world’s population is illiterate. Can you read? A portion of the world’s population is less than physically or mentally whole. Can you see? Can you hear? Can you walk? Is there anything you have that others don’t? A phone? An internet connection? A motorbike? Is there anything you can do that others can’t? Do you have a talent? Have you – in actuality – been blessed with anything for which to be grateful?


When you are feeling grateful and thankful for being healthy and alive, that is the purest form of prayer. In those moments of feeling thankful you are in a natural state of abundance. You are focusing all your energy on what you already have in your life. The polar opposite of which is complaining. When you complain, about the weather, the traffic, your bills, people around you, you are magnifying what is lacking in your life.


I started to practice gratitude by writing every night in a journal. This practice changed my life. Having ready countless self-help and personal development books and attended so many workshops, the one constant message that I received and decided to instill as a habit was to write down the things I am grateful for, every night. Some nights I struggled, when everything seemed to have gone wrong, and I could not think of being grateful and some nights I was just too lazy to put pen to paper, then it started to work in reverse, I went about my day, noticing things I was grateful for and made mental notes and sometimes, would type text messages to myself on my phone, so I did not forget. A cup of tea with just the right amount of sugar.  An umbrella handy when it started to rain, a parking spot, a smile, a gesture from a shopkeeper, or a waiter. Someone giving me way in traffic. The flavour of the food I ate, the almost fender bender that did not happen, because I braked my car in time. A sale tag on the dress that I intended to buy anyway. Tissue paper handy when I needed it, 5 cent pieces on the ground, my daughter’s health and happiness, soft cotton sheets on my bed, the music playing on my ipod, the beautiful art that surrounded me.


The Swedish pop-group, ABBA so aptly said in their song “Thank you for the Music” in 1973 – “Thank you for the music, the song I am singing, thanks for all the joy their bringing, who can live without it, I ask in all honesty, what would life be, without a song or a dance, what are we?” Beauty surrounds us all the time, in architecture, people, music, art but to actually stop, live in the present and appreciate our surroundings and to remember the moment again later in the day and write thanks for them is a practice that will attract more and more beauty in your life.


As time went by, I stopped looking for things or events, or anything tangible, but rather found myself listing names of the people who touched my life that day. In hindsight, I even realized that I was grateful for the people I met who seemed to rub me the wrong way or disappoint me in some way, for those meetings led to a learning or a new opportunity. Feeling gratitude and then writing it in my journal at the end of the day became second nature. I formed a very empowering habit. In fact, thinking about things to be grateful for every night will help you even sleep better, this is simply because you will think less negative and more positive thoughts as you put your head on your pillow.


Yes it is easy to be grateful when things seem to be going well, practice being grateful for even the challenges in your life, look for what is still good and what you still have even when things seem really bleak. This is not new, I did not discover the power of practicing gratitude, however with this diary, I am hoping that you will make it a habit to practice what you already know.As it is what you do a little of every single day that will add up to create a bank of abundance in your life.


Look for the beauty and joy in life, the simple things like waking up on a soft bed, your family and loved ones around you healthy, beautiful sunrises, and inhale as you acknowledge it all. Being able to stop the noise of your worries and stresses of the day for a few moments and to focus on the present and your breathing will encourage you to feel good and happy about all the things you have. When you have your meal, savour the taste, the colours and aroma of all the ingredients. When you have a shower, savour the water temperature and pressure, the fragrance of your soap. Training your mind to truly appreciate everything that you have will help you create a constant attitude of gratitude. Remember these things you are thankful for and write them down in here at the end of the day. On challenging days, when things just did not seem to go your way, these are the times when it would be most helpful to look for the silver lining in the clouds and find some things that you can feel grateful for.


Stop for a moment and observe your surroundings right now and notice three things that you did not even notice you are using till I asked you to have a look, that make your life so easy. Is your air conditioner or heater on? Are you in a comfortable room or a sofa or a bed? Do you have music or the television on in the background? Did you just have a lovely meal? Can you think of one person in the world who cares where you are and how you are today?


Any time I feel like I have some reason to feel sorry for myself, I look around me at all the tools and privileges I have in that particular moment, and I imagine what it would be like to be missing one of them right now.

Things could be worse, imagine being stuck in the same traffic jam, but having to go to the bathroom really badly? Imagine losing your wallet at the airport when you are just about to travel. We only notice what we have around us when it is taken away. This diary is meant to help you cultivate the habit of noticing what you have around you while you have it.


I am not a scientist who has studied Quantum Physics and I am not here to quantify anything I say with statistics, percentages and researched or surveyed proof, what I can say, is that I have seen it work, for me and people around me. Being grateful, creates a feeling, an almost overwhelming feeling, which causes a vibration on a deep level. I believe that these vibrations connect us to the Universe and attract like vibrations. Simply put, the more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for.


On that note, I have been writing in my Gratitude Diary for the last two years and everyday, I have more and more to be grateful for.

Everything I want and need makes its way to me. At the risk of sounding like a nagging mum telling her children to eat their vegetables, because she knows that they are good for them, please start writing in here every night and get all the people you love to do the same. It is just that this works and I really want you to experience what I know you will. There is immense power in words and putting your appreciation for someone or something into words that are expressed can change your life.


My invitation to you is to take it on as a “90 day challenge”. Start tonight, find today’s page and start. I have carefully compiled quotes, short stories, poems and tips in between the pages to inspire you to write.

With Thankfulness, Appreciation & Gratitude,

Malti Bhojwani
Professional Coach (PCC – ICF) l Author l Facilitator l Speaker | Life Coach trained in Ontological Coaching & NLP

mb@maltibhojwani.com www.maltibhojwani.com

Skype : malti.bhojwani

Life is not a maze where you have your eyes on the gaps, life is a beautiful journey, stop looking for what’s not there, instead look at what IS.” – Malti Bhojwani – Bestselling Author “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball Quote from upcoming publication, “365 Tweetable Quotes

Malti Bhojwani

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.” Cicero

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Decide, Declare, Achieve – If Not Now Then When Audio Program

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DDA Audio Program CoverPurchase the program now from Gumroad – Click HERE


What people are saying:

“Heard the entire audio twice today…Not trying to flatter you, but truly one of the best motivational audio programs I hv heard so far..Very simple, to the point and an easy approach for anyone to get totally fired up.”

“It’s been a week since I downloaded your audio program and am I glad I did? You bet!! . It is truly awesome! Veeery inspiring. I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over again from several people already….several things that impacted/touched me profoundly in your audio…..I totally surrendered myself to you and your instructions (which was new, because I mostly don’t do that and tend to analyse and evaluate intellectually). I did whatever you asked me to do as you asked it. Thanks a zillion tons Malti. You made a difference to me and my life.”

“This audio programme is so helpful I can’t even begin to tell you. Ever so grateful you have brought this out.  Thank you for the effort you have put into this programme for us.” D.D.A  is a beautiful and meaningful structured & guided audio program – for me what struck was the hard hitting question “If not now then when?” If someone is looking to increase their ROI of investing in themselves, this is an apt program to invest in.”


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I’m sure you’ve all read many self help books, attended many workshops and discourses…

The message is rarely new or a surprise….yet after the initial ray of hope or enlightenment… you feel unfulfilled and you continue to wait and wait….so what is it that keeps you searching for a magic fix? Where is the missing link….when every time you feel inspired you realise you already know all this. You nod to yourself in agreement, you continue to forward quotes like a torch….but when will your time come? In this audio program Decide, Declare, Achieve – If not now, then when?

I don’t feed you more of the same, we will however partner, you and me as you make that switch. The truth is the truth, the recipe is the same, this is why everyone is basically saying the same thing. We don’t need more information. We do need implementation.

Imagine a song being broadcast internationally performed by different artists in various genres and languages, the lyrics don’t change but we can only listen when we have a radio receiver, picking up the transmission on the frequency where we get a clear reception. When we find a station that sounds right, we fine tune even more and then voila. … Our space, mind, hearts and bodies are filled with the music that we can understand and dance to. I have connected with many….if you feel that connection with my transmission…if your heart is telling you to partner with me now on making that switch…Decide now….


This program will give you:

* Clarity in YOUR dream life & clarity to see who you truly ARE

* Courage to get off the fence and DECIDE, clearing the way forward

* Encouragement to eliminate your safety nets and DECLARE


Malti’s words and energy will penetrate your soul in ways that will ignite your own fire and help you SHINE

Listening to her empathetic and caring tone, will help you:

* Jump OVER the hurdles that impair your vision

Feeling the strength from her own personal breakthroughs, will help you:

* Overcome your FEARS and ACHIEVE your DREAMS!

Make the switch now, it does not take years of self-work or hard-knocks to get you there, it takes a decision and making a decision will take just one instant.


Do you feel frustrated with life? Do you sometimes suffer from low self worth, and get truly fed up of waiting for your future life to be present now? Or perhaps your life is alright, but you have a deep sense of wanting more….?

Does this sound like your thoughts?

“My dreams are huge, but they will take time”

“Maybe someday, when I have saved up more money”

“After this or that….”

“This is so hard, nothing I do will make a difference”

Does it look like your tomorrows are getting you down, you feel so empty, like a vacuum and then you suck up even more negativity from the events and drama around you. You feel despair, sad, “hope-less” and you wonder, “will I ever make it in the way I dream of?” then the answer is,


Yes, you can…

Yes… you….can…


Well that has been the story of Malti’s life, until now…

She too used to wait, yearn, pray, and long for her life to improve in the future, she too would lose herself in distractions and hope for things to change, a stroke of luck, a windfall or a miracle, only to return to the reality of despair, heartbreak, divorce, guilt, shame, debt, pain, obesity and low self worth.

“I have been below rock bottom, in every area of my life. Physically, financially and emotionally, until I finally made the switch, the connection, had the insight, saw the light and voila!” – Malti

Today, she has devoted her life to coaching individuals and has helped people to create new and lasting results in their relationships, work, health and finances. Personalised life coaching can be a time and money investment that you are not ready for, but that does not mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of what Malti has to offer.

Malti’s personalised sessions range from $570 – $1997 but in this one-hour program, she has shared everything you need to know in order to get to the front of the train and steam up the engines so you too can live out your dreams, immediately for a fraction of her regular coaching fees. (to read more about Malti, visithttp://maltibhojwani.com/blog/?p=217)

Do you want to make that switch once and for all too?

Do you want to stop waiting and hoping for something to happen?

What would it feel like when you are able to overcome that one big challenge and can start living the rest of your life in joy?

What will it look like when you can serve the people in your life, and give them all of you.

Or would you rather stay there comfortably hiding behind TV shows, social media, seeking out free or quick fixes, occupying your time with senseless meetings and mindless indulgences till you are ready?

Who would you be WITHOUT that one big problem that nags you every morning when you wake, stays with you like a shadow all day and then creeps into bed with you again each night?

If only I _________, then my life would start working and I will be able to be my true SHINING self? As the 80/20 rule states, most of your joy will come from nailing just 1 of your goals.

Well, we have no doubt that you will solve this one challenge and come out victorious, successful and happy. It isn’t a matter of will you or won’t you, but it is a question of will you put it off again?

Most Frequently Asked Question:

“How can a 1-hour program help me achieve my goals, when I have tried everything, attended many seminars, workshops and read countless self-help books?” “How can a 1-hour program help me increase my self-worth, feel happier, lose weight, find love or make more money?”

You may not hear anything you don’t already know deep inside, but with Malti’s having overcome her own challenges, her 14 years of experience as a professional life coach and as a trained Ontological Coach and NLP Practitioner, her gentle voice and the authenticity in her sharing, will touch your inner-being in a way that will urge you to make your decision to SHINE, now!

And when you learn the secret of getting into the FLOW, then your FEARS will turn into FAITH which will permeate into your whole being and hence bless your whole life! Once you learn it, you can’t unlearn it! It will be yours FOREVER!

Motivation does not last, and as Zig Ziglar so aptly said, “that’s why it is recommended daily, like bathing”!

We need to feed it to our thoughts, bodies and emotions frequently to help re-wire our old neuro-pathways.

This recording contains all the information you need so that you can install and re-install the thoughts and ways of being that will support you in moving in the direction of your dreams. It includes a short section that has been specially designed for you to listen to frequently to help you stay motivated and keep going.

If you never stop, you can’t fail! If you never quit, you will win! But you must start!

Release date: 15th June 2014 via download for $7.50

Why & How to Meditate – Top Life Coach shares her views

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1.    Create the habit of sitting with yourself twice a day by practice

2.    Switch off phone twice a day

3.    Give yourself the opportunity to just BE you and BE WITH you

4.    In that time your mind will do what it needs to do

5.    It is releasing tension knots in your psyche just like getting a massage to release stress-knots on your body

6.    While it releases these knots, the emotion is released

7.    The emotional release seeks a reason or a story to relate it to

8.    These are the random thoughts you have when you meditate.

9.    The release frees up your mind so that you can be more creative and effective the rest of the day.

10. There is no bad meditation, all meditation is good.

11. Listening to music/chanting/affirmations is NOT the same as meditating.

12. There is no effort in meditating.

13. In fact TM describes meditation as effortless.

14. The minute you focus you are doing the opposite of meditating, you are concentrating.

15. Trust that it is freeing up space in your RAM and in your Hard Drive to allow more creative learning and expression.

16. Challenge – practice is religiously for 30 days and watch your life change!

17. Stop seeking advice from people, allow the answers to come up in signs around you.

18. You can look at them as random meaningless coincidences or as meaningful synchronicity.

19. Trust your gut an your intuition

20. Meditate Meditate Meditate!!!



Ideally, you should to find a unique way or learn from a teacher. Find a local TM teacher in your city or if you are in Indonesia, my brother Sanjay is an awesome teacher. 

As an introduction, find a quiet space to sit in, turn off your phone, or put it on silent and set your alarm for 20 minutes, so you don’t keep opening your eyes to check time. Time can go slowly when you sit with yourself.  🙂

Make sure you are not too full but not hungry either.

Sit anyway you feel comfortable, I like to have my feet sometimes firmly planted on the ground and sometimes, crossed or stretched out straight in front of me,

Sit with your neck and spine straight.

Gently close your eyes

That’s all!


If you don’t have a mantra, then just think of a flame or as a space in between your eyebrows. You can also imagine that you are looking slightly above the horizon with your eyes closed. 

Don’t focus or concentrate, just sit and allow whatever comes up to come up. You may drift into sleep and that is ok, you may find yourself having very conscious thoughts and making plans or you may drift, do not control anything, and do not berate yourself about anything, all is good!

Just relax, and sit.

Open your eyes after 20 minutes, resist the urge to check your clock in between. If there are noises, so be it, you can meditate on a crowded bus just as easily as you can on the mountaintop; as long as you are comfortable.

Ensure comfort, a blanket if you think you may get cold.


When the 20 minutes are up, sit still for another 2 – 3 minutes before you get up and on with your day. This is called installation. No sudden movements and no looking at your phone, just allow yourself to relax without the mantra (name).

Get on with your day and repeat in the evening. Not just before you sleep as it is said you may be more effective and creative post meditation. Think of it as nourishment for your mind.


Don’t ask for advice, practice meditating instead and open up yourself to the signs, the GPS system of the universe. Plug into source, like how you would stick a sim-card in your cell phone, to get signal. Or connect your computer to the internet or wifi! All the answers you seek, all the direction you require is within you, just like how Google has the answer to almost any questions, trust that you do too or you will be guided from within to find your answers.

This is why I don’t believe in asking for advice from friends or loved ones. Yes ask experts for specific advice, a nutritionist what to eat for a particular diet, a stock analyst on understanding the current market, a doctor on a particular condition, but to ask your friends and family for advice on what direction you should take, where you should go or what you should do is futile.

I prefer to connect with ME and wait for my intuition to answer my questions rather than seeking advice from people who are from different walks of life, in different circumstances, with different priorities and resources, who have no clue what I’m capable of or of what’s most important to me.

ENJOY and please share your experience in the comments. Include your email address if you would like to use my unique Habit Forming Table to help you instil the habit of meditating twice a day and enjoy the blessings that FLOW!


WHO meditates?

Oprah, Seinfeld, Ellen, Hillary and so so many awesomely positive, hardworking, committed and creative people.



Malti Bhojwani

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Malti Bhojwani, 43, is a personal development (self help) author, professional coach trained and experienced in NLP and Ontological coaching, a speaker and workshop facilitator. Having been in the personal development industry for over 14 years, she brings her years of experience to scores of individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world.

She is a Singaporean mum, lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent most of her adult life in Sydney, Australia and currently resides between Pune and Mumbai in India. She has been well received and loved for bringing humanity back into the corporate world and for restoring dignity and self esteem to countless individuals.

Her forte is teaching people how to change the lens through which they see in order to create new and lasting changes in their lives through body, emotion and language cohesion. She says she coaches from her wounds as she had challenges with obesity and low self esteem herself growing up and is now the slimmest and fittest she has ever been. Malti has worked hard to build her brand and continues to coach and mentor other practitioners and aspiring speakers and writers to do the same.

Her clients include individuals and teams from Microsoft (Thailand), Mahindra & Mahindra, The British Council & members of YPO and EO, BMC Software, WIPRO, spoken to ADP, The Rotarians and addressed countless book clubs and business groups internationally. She has coached and mentored individuals from SAS, Genpact and  Kelloggs and facilitated a mentoring program for PepsiCo. She is a regular contributor and expert consultant for the Times of India and countless other international and Indian publications including the Egyptian magazine Fibers and now a world-renowned author. She’s been interviewed LIVE on CNBC India and on Australian TV several times.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF (International Coach Federation) – over 1000 hours of logged-coaching and intense training.
  • Ambassador and Coaching Group Leader for the ICA (International Coach Academy)
  • Graduated from Newfield Network in Ontological Coaching
  • Registered Global Coach of the Human Systems UK, which is an elite community of Professional coaches from over 70 countries and Invivo Play systems Sweden
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner (Christopher Howard Institute)
  • Worked as a Senior buyer for an Australian Online Department Store.
  • Qualified Gemologist.
  • Top Ranking Life Coach in India out of over 13,000 registered (source LinkedIn) 2nd Top Ranking Life Coach Internationally out of over 380,000 registered (Linkedin)
  • Written the Foreword for other Life Coach’s books
  • Almost 12,000 Facebook Likes, 13,000 Twitter Followers, 100,000 YouTube views with over 100 short videos on Life Coaching.

Her book “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” has received international accolades, including endoresements by Les Hewitt (Power of Focus), Ivan Misner (BNI), Bob Urichuck and many others, it has since been translated into Bahasa Indonesia & “Thankfulness, Appreciation & Gratitude” has gone into reprints. She has 4 more books for 2014 and 2015 release including Brain Spa and Brain Spa Journal. 

Read some of her published articles in the Times of India here:

Women – Relationships, Work, Life



Watch some of her videos here


Replace your “DON’Ts” and watch your life Transform – Professional Life Coach advises

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We can’t not do stuff, we can’t just stop it, (though I JUST LOVE Bob Newhart’s video – Stop It – link below if you haven’t already watched it)


We need to replace things. Think of your time and your mind as a space that needs to be filled 100%, like even a half empty-half full glass is not really empty, it is half filled with water and half filled with air. So, when you want to stop doing or thinking something, you need to make it easier for yourself by consciously and decisively replacing the thought or habit with something else. Because it takes time to replace habits, especially neurological ones, it makes sense to carefully select a truly empowering habit to replace the old ones with.

In your relationships especially as a parent, the same trick works wonders but you need to add an extra step which is adding the reason, instead of telling your child not to scream, request him or her to speak sweetly so you can understand them better. Instead of asking your friend not to be late, request them to be early so that you can be on time.  Getting it?

In fact someone recently made fun of me because he felt I was using Negative language and called myself a professional coach trained in Ontological Coaching and in NLP, and yet my previous book is titled “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball”, well, I guess he didn’t “get it”.

Easy stuff, just practice and please share your examples.

Don’t Talk  ***  Sit Quietly for a 5 minutes

Don’t Smoke *** Let’s be really healthy and avoid all forms of carcinogenics for a week

Don’t eat fattening food *** I’m eating fresh & light food this month

Don’t irritate me *** Please talk facing me without gum in your mouth

Don’t be late *** Please be there at 1:55, so we can start on time

I don’t want to think about him/her *** I am focusing on my talents and work

I won’t get drunk *** I will sleep sober to wake up without a headache tomorrow.

I don’t want to be so moody and depressed *** I will practice smiling and thinking of fun stuff

Don’t make a mess *** Please keep the place neat and tidy

I don’t want to fail *** I will succeed

I’m not good enough, fit enough, rich enough *** I am good enough

I’m fat *** I am becoming healthier and more fit each day

I won’t spend so much *** I will practice mindful sharing of my resources

Don’t Think of a Blue Ball *** Think of a Red Balloon

These are just a few examples of how you can successfully replace disempowering habits in your life and habits in your self – talk.

Please share your examples.


The more you share, the more you grow – Professional Life Coach shares

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Hoarding is for mice, not men!

Share your knowledge, experience and resources to open up the flood gates of abundance.

How often have you noticed yourself holding back your knowledge because you haven’t been paid to share it? Or what about if you are in the information industry, (of any sort) and when you are teaching something, but you hold back thinking you want to save some for yourself. You hesitate from sharing it all because you feel you will empower others too much and then you will no longer be the expert? Are you guilty of guarding your recipes with your life, because if you told your friends how you made that amazing salad dressing or the decadent chocolate cake, they will make it themselves and yours won’t be special anymore.

Well, all you are doing is keeping your own abundance valve closed. You see, when you hoard, you are living with the belief that you will run out, and that the supply will end. You think that all you know is yours and if you share it there will be no new information and knowledge that will come to you. Similarly when you don’t want to teach or share with others how you do what you do, for example a recipe, you are also affirming that your talents end with that one recipe. I have learnt that the more I share, the more I end up learning and my own reservoir fills up, it is almost like it can’t take in more unless I share what I already have.

A financial planner or hard-core business consultant would surely disagree with me and slap me on my wrist, but the immense joy I feel when I share and others get to enjoy and even modify what I shared confirms to me that this is the way to be. Nothing we have is truly originally ours, we are inspired by ideas and people around us, we learnt them through our personal filters and we add what we learn to what we know and then we create new, but is anything really ours? No…it is all Universal knowledge, Universal information, we are merely channels for it to pass through and the more you let out, the more will fill you up.

“Filling up and spilling over, it’s an endless waterfall” (Cris Williamson – Waterfall)

PS: My favourite salad dressing recipe:

Take an empty glass jar (size of a Pesto Jar), fill it with a heaped teaspoon of Classic Pesto, Add about an inch high of Balsamic Vinegar and 1/2 an inch of Olive Oil, add salt and cracked pepper and shake the bottle vigorously. Pour on your salad.

My favourite indulgent salad dressing recipe:

Same as above, but add half a mashed avocado to the mix



Are you sorry? Do you want to apologise?

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I am sorry

I am truly sorry

‘Bhul Chuk Maaf’

I used to wonder why Indians said this to each other and I scoffed at the vagueness of such an apology, but….I now understand that a genuine heartfelt apology even if it isn’t specific can still be needed to open up the space and build strong relationships with others and with yourself

I am sorry

I am truly sorry

To those whose

cries for help I haven’t heeded,

whose generosity I haven’t repaid,

whose calls I haven’t returned,

whose invitations I haven’t honoured,

whose hospitality I haven’t reciprocated,

whose gifts I haven’t returned,

whose nuances I haven’t accepted,

whose messages I haven’t replied,

whose kindness I haven’t acknowledged,

whose hearts I may have broken,

whose tears I haven’t wiped,

whose concern I haven’t acted on,

whose kindness I didn’t appreciate,

whose souls I haven’t considered,

whose circumstances I haven’t considered,

whose values I haven’t respected,

whose good intentions, I didn’t express gratitude for,

who I have made feel excluded,

who I have treated with disregard,

whose sadness I haven’t empathized,

whose help, through introductions or suggestions  I have dismissed flippantly and unknowingly,


Please forgive me


I am sorry. From where I see I am, I am doing the best I can. I continue to focus on the things I can do, and I know that there is so much I should be doing or could have done, but again I say, I am sorry, I apologise from the deepest part of me. I am sorry.

What can I do to make it right?

I continue to live in the hope that by doing my best, I will be able to make all right but for now, I am sorry. I won’t try to trivialize or minimize my negligence, my ingratitude or my lack of reciprocation. I won’t seek refuge from the fact that perhaps the stars have not yet aligned for me to right all the wrongs, I am truly sorry that I have disappointed you and hurt you.

I won’t blame circumstances or astrology or luck or karma or anything else, to alleviate me of my shame, all I can do is to tell you that I am truly sorry and also thank you for everything that you have been to me and done for me. I can only pray that I will be where you were, able to right all my wrongs, pay all my dues and settle all my accounts before I leave this particular life that we share, but for now, I am doing the best I can, the best I know and hope that you will receive all your blessings from another soul if I leave this earth without repaying it myself.  I am thankful and I am sorry.

If you have felt any of this, if any of the lines above felt like they reflect exactly how you feel, or if anyone has sent you an apology like this, then please share this sincere apology.



The Secret Habit that Brings Joy and Abundance into My Life – Professional Life Coach Malti Bhojwani

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A week ago, a dear friend, Simran Melwani came to visit me and she slept in my bed with me. As girlfriends do, we chatted till the wee hours after enjoying a bottle of wine together. The image that has stuck in my head ever since was that of her wide and truly happy smile first thing in the morning. She woke up and when I turned to look at her, she was smiling ear to ear.

It struck me that probably due to being woken up by a shrill alarm or my mum telling me I was going to be late for school, I had developed a habit that I wasn’t even aware of till that morning of waking up with a very scrunched up expression of stress and drudgery. Sure with all my own learning and my own personal development, later in the morning, I would start to smile and think of happy thoughts, but the distinction I learnt from her was to wake up and smile. Smile a big, happy, joyful and excited smile. A smile that would set the tone for the day and that acknowledged all the things to be grateful for.

So being a lover of fine sheets, I have consciously been waking up and smiling a wide happy smile and feeling my soft pillows and sheets in absolute gratitude for a good nights’ sleep before jumping out of bed, in fact I have also been practicing getting out of bed with grace and ease, what is the rush anyway? Even if thoughts of all that you want to do are knocking on you to start planning and organising your day, whether it is work, exercise, the meals and all the calls you need to make, allow yourself in fact insist that the first order of the day is to smile a huge smile.



As we know habits can take time to instil and until they do become real habits, we need to truly be conscious and mindful and remind ourselves to practice. I have been diligently practicing the sleepy smiling to myself every morning and I promise you it has been a magical shift in my way of being and the wonderful gifts I receive every day.

Due to time difference around the world, I don’t know what time it is for you right now, but if you truly want to experience joy in your days, relationships and the results you have in the areas that most matter to you, wake up and smile a happy smile for as long as you can. Try it out and see if you can carry the smile to the bathroom and brush your teeth smiling too. It works! it truly works. Say goodnight to the days that you used to feel the urge or need to wake up grumpy or annoyed – it truly is just a really bad habit. Bonus points if you share your bed, because you will be inviting the person you love to smile with you or at you every morning too. Try it tomorrow morning and every morning after this and please share if you feel the difference.

Tweet: @maltibhojwani #smile first thing in the morning, it changes your life not juts your day!

Our success is determined by our habits and empowering habits can take 21 to 90 days to instil, in fact some research says it takes over 4000 repetitions before something can become a habit. Sign up for professional life coaching sessions with me to support you through the installation phase of your new EmPowering Habits. Click Here for details.

PS: Weeks later, I am seeing the genuine ripple effect of this new habit, I wake up reminding myself to smile (it still does not come naturally), and I then smile in the mirror and boy, the blessings and gifts that have been coming into my life since, have been phenomenal. Try it out yourself and please share your experiences after a week, truly, you’d be a fool not to!

PPS: Simran also happens to be my personal dream interpreter and is extremely qualified and gifted at this art.

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Life Coaching – as featured in the International Coach Federation – ICF Delhi NCR Chapter Newsletter

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Life Coaching as a niche?


A niche helps us to be specific in marketing ourselves. Life Coaching as a niche is wide, as anyone who does any work that helps others to shift are now calling themselves Life Coaches, even when they don’t have any coach training, to this end, I prefer to distinguish myself as a Professional Life Coach.


We coach from our wounds more than from our wins. It is far more effective when we can truly meet with our client where they are in a breakdown or challenge and then support them in moving ahead and upward, rather than standing up on the pedestal as the all-knowing preaching down. If what you are doing is undiluted coaching, then any well trained and experienced coach can coach effectively with business, corporate, personal and relationship goals.


When we can get connected with how we felt in our bodies and emotionally, and recognize our own limiting thoughts, when we were experiencing fear, discomfort and uncertainty in our own lives, that is when we can serve our clients to overcome similar challenges. These wounds and the challenges we faced through our own personal and professional lives is what determines our market and hence our niche. We can only ask the right questions and listen from a space that is within our own experience in some way.


So though it may sound vague, Life Coaching is a niche, and what makes it specific is when we share authentically the human being we are underneath all the coach training and credentials and then when in front of our client, we leave it all behind and we are one human being in front of another, helping to create a magical space to allow the process of coaching to do its work.

Malti Bhojwani PCC – ICF, trained in Ontological Coaching.

Malti is the bestselling author of “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball ” which has received international accolades.




Don’t Think of a Blue Ball: It Begins With an Ending Review on Richly Rewarding Reads

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The title is a demo of the mind’s ability to instantaneously draw an image. I read the words “blue ball” and the object flashed unbidden in my mind, before the other word “Don’t” sunk in … or in spite of it. I sheepishly conjure a large eraser to clear the image. Clever! I console myself.

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