Stepping into Power!

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I recently felt bold and changed my lipstick to a deep retro red. Within days, I noticed others either wearing bright lips too or complimenting me on the look and asking me for the name of the shade. This may sound trivial, but I’m sharing simply to illustrate how any act of boldness, inspires others to be bold too.

The word “power” comes from Anglo-Norman French poeir, from an alteration of Latin posse and, etymologically speaking, literally means “to be able, ability to act”.

In a deep coaching session recently, I realized that I had an underlying belief formed early in my childhood that “when I use my power, someone suffers.” Imagine how helpful that has been in my life?

It sounds ridiculous, but it was driving or rather holding back my behaviour. In my limited cognitive capacity as a child, it was embedded in my emotional brain that when I truly turned it all up, my power of influence, persuasion, charm, cuteness, my inherent strengths and talents –
someone got hurt.

So despite my evolution, I rarely and cautiously stepped into my power, slightly, here and there and when I did, magic happened, but then when things didn’t seem to be working the way I thought they should, I let my doubts over-take, I questioned my own motivations, I second-guessed my choices and I stepped back again to being less powerful, less authentic, less me.

When I really connected with my knowing deep down, and took my ego out of the way, I realised that I could never cause anyone their suffering, they would only suffer if they themselves had given up their power.

I have been a fan of Marianne Williamson and her poem which she so graciously let me quote in my first book, “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” – Our Greatest Fear” (pasted below if you don’t remember it) It has spoken to this since I heard it in the first self-awareness workshop I attended in 1999, and I know this, yet a few days ago, this stark realization that even after all these years of my own personal development, my reading, writing, coaching, being coached, facilitating, participating, I still held myself back and played small, for fear of outshining others, showing off, hurting others, causing others suffering! Who did I think I was? What a martyr I was playing!

I guess that’s why we need regular reminders, it is easy to fall back into old habits.

So the realizations were:
I am not more powerful than others, and in fact when I allow myself to be powerful, then I allow others to step into their power as well, to either stand up with or even against me. Hence I don’t need to fear my strength, just use it from a deep place of knowing that I am always taking inspired action, which comes from knowing that we all always, always, always choose the best option available to us based on the wisdom and resources we have at that time.

Watch “manholes video” again here

Power BW
I feel good – nanananananah,
Coz I’m happy….. ☺

To add to the synchronicity of the coming integration and hence amplification of my power, this weekend, I walked into a 3 day intensive process with Peggy Phoenix Dubro where she bridged us to our infinite selves. Even trying to use mere words to explain the spiritual experience would be impossible, but I will say this much, it was as if I, we are 100watt light bulbs, but we only glow at 30 and through practice, we strengthen the filament so it is strong and then we can allow more “energy” in so that we shine brighter.

FilamentI will leave you with this. If you have been following some of my work and read the chapter on Synchronicity in “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball”, you may remember that I kept seeing the symbol of infinity, the “figure-eight”- in the 3-day session with Peggy, I received more confirmation that we are evolutionaries, playing our part in being in helping to serve and raise the consciousness of the world, firstly through brightening our own light, so that it may attract and help illuminate the path for others! To know more about Peggy’s work and the intense 3 day process we experienced this weekend with her in Jakarta, watch this video


How would you look if you turned up the dial on your power switch?

What would be possible if you stopped dimming the light you exude?

What will it take for you to shine brighter? Who can you ask for support?

“Owning your power enables you to act – to do things, to move things, to change your whole life! Most of us however have been programmed since an early age to give our power away. We give it away to inner energies, such as our negative ego/ lower self, inner child, emotions and fears.”- Gloria Excelsias, Integrated Ascended Master Expert Gloria

5-Step Approach for Successful Life – by Biren Patnaik

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. Kindly review and let me know your thoughts. Below is the content:

§ Give time to yourself: How many days have you given time for yourself? How many days have you given out of your busy schedule? It is the most important aspect to even before you action your dream. You need to keep aside some time for yourself everyday. Everyone has got same hours in a day but still why some people can achieve while others keep dreaming and roll on for next year. Successful people do assess their time, investigate their past learnings and identify the areas to address. It is essential to understand how you utilized your time and how you plan to utilize. With our busy schedule of life, you can just add 30 minutes to your work and put into use with all honesty to assess your time – find your time where it was productive, rework on the time which was wasted and keep it practicing for a month. The change will automatically reflect on your daily routine life.

§ Work on your dream: Dream – the word changes all with the way you understand and approach life. Dream is the only tool which works subconsciously to make you successful. You have a dream then prepare a process map, keep practicing and analyzing everyday. Promise yourself to be successful and dream big. Never dream of small or obvious achievable objectives. You will get satisfied once you achieve them but if you dream big then the work towards it will force you to stretch your effort and ultimately you will land up on achieving your dream. Dream is very subjective and a serious thought. You should write your dream and put infront of you so that it keeps reminding you of the progress that you have made. Break your dream into small steps and assign a timeline for each small objective. Revisit every week and make necessary changes and restart again. Do not worry if the plan is not on track or need amendments as every revisit would push you to make changes but never compromise on your end result. Make your dream as your personal project and keep working without failure. Remember your every effort will be worth when you reach the end of it.

§ Read books / articles / autobiographies: Always spare time to read inspirational topics or books or famous autobiographies. It helps to detoxify your thought process and train your brain to attract positive energy. Choose your subject and read a small article or a thin book but always make an effort to read it thoroughly and unlearn your existing blockages which stops you to excel in life. Identify simple qualities from famous personalities and inculcate them in your habit. Never feel ashamed of your failures. The best way to motivate and keep you moving is by acquiring knowledge and learning from each source. Put a book in your travel bag all time or buy a book or newspaper or search for any video and keep listening to great people speeches. Reading will keep you motivated and help to achieve your goal in life.

§ Acquire new skill: Look around you and you will realize that there are many skills that need to be acquired and practiced. Every day we come across small things which happen for a reason but we don’t give attention to them. Focus on each of them and try to learn and make them a part of your life. Some may require more time and some can be learnt immediately. Always practice them and do not compromise on anything. It creates a positive energy out of you which in turn will create a positive environment. This will change your surrounding and the impact is in long term. Identify all positive characteristics from all people, learn a new skill if possible & use all available resources to magnify your life.

§ Invest on yourself: At the end of the day, no matter what your skills are or how much introspection you have done or how many books you read, you will never be able to achieve your dream unless you invest them in yourself. Result will yield when you are ready to invest your dream on yourself. Everything depends on you, everyday belongs to you and every moment is important if you realize and understand the importance of each action you have taken. So dream, plan, revisit, respect, learn and invest wisely on your dream.

Contributed by five-steps

You don’t have to do it alone. Engage a Life Coach. Click here to book a session.

About the contributor:

Biren Patnaik is a blogger by passion, a professional by character, a dreamer by nature. He is a presently working in an MNC based in Gurgaon. He loves writing articles and short stories, likes reading inspirational books and listening to various philanthropist like Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Napolean Hill and Robin Sharma. He has his own blogging site –

Facebook id:

Twitter handle @uniqueBIren

“I am on a journey to pursue my dreams, my passion and enjoy the unlimited learning’s that is coming my way.”

Happy Sweet ’16

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To a JoyFULLy sweet 2016
sweet 16

Sweet sixteen marks a coming of age, the point at which a person transitions into adulthood. This definition of 16th birthdays is similar to what I sense 2016 is for me. I feel like I have grown…
not grown up,
but rather grown in…
grown into living my authentic self, fully.

Last year, I moved countries again, relocating back to my homeland, Singapore. The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach was published, I earned accreditation as a Facilitator of Transformation Through Values, I started coaching and facilitating workshops for esteemed organizations with Aberkyn – Change Leadership Partners Co-founded by McKinsey & Company and I travelled extensively in the region.

Through all these adventures, the most powerful realisation I have had though is that
I AM joy!
I am Joyful.
I EnJOY every moment of life ever since I saw the perfection in every single incident in my life. I would not change a thing, it has all been perfect bringing me right here, exactly where I want to be.
Acceptance and compassion for others and myself has been my biggest gift and what I am most passionate about sharing with my readers and clients this year.

Enough about me though, what was your big let go from 2015 and what are you making way to “let come” in sweet 2016?

I would love to hear from you, feel free to email me at or post publically if you have the courage on the facebook page.

In Joy, (simply)


How I can support you this year…

If you are ready to make 2016 the year you start living authentically embracing your values and living your purpose, you don’t have to do it alone, reach out to me in either of these 3 ways…

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Building trust, communication and connectivity among leaders

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I was recently approached by a unique team of senior leaders who belonged to a support group with the intention of being there for each other to brainstorm and seek advice from each other on their various business and personal challenges. It is a structured organized platform that allows for this kind of meeting.
They had been relating with each other for over 5 years and it was time for an annual retreat – somewhat of a team-builder. They all had their own separate businesses and did not work together. They had come to a point of some dissatisfaction with the level of trust and intimacy within the group, so they sought me out as an external facilitator to help break down some of the barriers, open a space for honest and kind feedback and to help them see where they currently are in their own lives and as a group. They also wanted to look at where they want to be together moving forward.
It was a question of, can we become closer, be more connected or is this as good as it gets? The group consisted of men and women in their early 40s to 50s from diverse cultures and of different personalities.
I had a pre-session conversation with each of them separately prior to the planned live workshop, to gain a deeper insight on what was really going on for each of them and understand the group dynamics.
I sensed some disappointment, despondency, blame and mistrust. Some were resigned to the idea that they may need to split up and go their separate ways, while others were superficial in their interactions, as they didn’t feel their ideas were valued in the group sensing that they were not as good as the others. A few felt that the group didn’t give them enough value for the time commitment it demanded.

They had hoped to be able to turn to each other for support and advice. I learnt that they were all waiting for each other to be more open and sharing in order to deepen the relationship. It sounded much like a chicken and egg story. Some were battling with the idea if disclosure was equal to trust. And others felt trust was more about dependability. The very existence of this group was hinging on whether they could build a deeper commitment to each other, there were talks of disbanding if things didn’t evolve.
Ordinarily, to build trust, trainers would introduce some typical activities including a trust fall, where the group stands around and invites each participant to close their eyes one by one and literally fall back into their outstretched arms. Or there are the regular win/win type games where the objective is to all win together, but participants often get competitive and hence all lose.
On a cognitive level, we would consider going through the elements of trust, either based on Covey’s “Speed of Trust” which talks about 4 Cores of Credibility and 13 Behaviors of High Trust and Gittomer’s Little Book Of Trust. We’d look at communication based on Chalmers Brothers, “Language and the Pursuit of Happiness” and share inspirational stories from Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.
But I knew that these leaders wanted something much deeper than just new things to do, it was a whole new way of being that they were yearning for without being able to articulate it.
It had to be about doing things differently rather than just doing different things. Most of them had done their MBAs at top business schools and had engaged in countless outward bound and personal development workshops. They’d attended talks by some of the world’s most inspiring thought leaders, and I knew I could not give them more new tools or teach them different things they could do, it needed a new way of doing and seeing the same things. The regular old team-building toolbox was not going to be enough for this intervention.
So I did my research, pulled up all my previous workshop run-sheets, caught up with my mentors and peers and invested weeks in deciding on the perfect choreography for the 2 days to help inspire some insights! In the end though, they were the simplest exercises that had the biggest impact. One in particular that stands out was an activity that showed them how they resisted asking for help either because they felt competitive or because they had assumptions that the kind of help that may be available would not be enough or what they needed. When the penny dropped in this exercise, there were many “a-ha” moments for the entire group as they could relate how they behaved in it with they way they showed up in their real lives.
Another simple one that encouraged intimacy through presence and deep listening evoked emotional reactions that surprised the group as it opened up the floodgates of vulnerability that was yearning to be drawn out into the room. I stepped out of the way and surrendered to whatever was emerging.
Though some of the activities when isolated appeared strange and purposeless to them, the pieces started to fall together by the end of day 1. By mid morning on day two, tears were shed and some were hugging. Feedback was caring and useful and they started to see just how blessed they were to have each other.
I realised that it was through my own willingness to be open and trusting and at the same time not attached to my agenda that we were able to deeply connect with each other.
Each person’s unique life experiences, behaviors, beliefs and values added a new dynamic to the group creating learning for all on a deeply individual level. They were able to relate the lessons that they created themselves back to their own lives and relationships within and outside of the group.
I learnt that attempting to build and sustain this kind of connection amongst top leaders requires a custom approach and not a ‘standard’ “one size fits all” solution as human experiences are different.
I feel blessed to be able to do this work and be a catalyst for change and true transformation. It is humbling and deeply fulfilling.



Engage Malti to facilitate your personal forum or EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization), YPO (Young President’s Organisation) WPO (World President’s Organisation) ( or spousal Retreats)
Malti will discuss with you and the members to customise the sessions before coming out.

Practical and profound – Peggy Dubro’s endorsement of Malti’s books

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Practical and profound, Malti writes from her experience and her heart. Through thoughtful and unique imagery she encourages you to adjust your perceptions of yourself in a most authentic way … and that is good news! New perceptions of oneself are the foundations for the deep and lasting changes you choose to create. Young and wise this strong,beautiful life coach is a true leader in the field of consciously managing your most precious resource, your personal energy.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is an author, inspiring speaker, and international leader in the growing field of personal energy management and well being. Her work is practiced in over 70

The Mind Spa - Ignite Your Inner Life Coach and Don't Think of a Blue Ball

The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach and Don’t Think of a Blue Ball

Plugging In Audio to help you find your centre and ground yourself in minutes

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Listen while you sit or stand tall.




Are your ungrounded assessments about yourself keeping you overweight?

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“I am not a Morning Person”

If you find yourself making statements like that to yourself and others, when alternate ways of doing things are suggested to you, then a question to ask yourself is if you are truly happy with the way your life is and the results you are creating in your life now? If you are, then that’s awesome, keep doing what you are doing, it is working for you and we all beat to a different drum, so don’t let me or anyone tell you how you should live your life, or that you need to be a morning person or any kind of person. However…..if you do want to change your results, perhaps you are not rich or thin or tolerant and you’d like to be…perhaps life is not feeling as joyful or fulfilling as you’d like it to be, then perhaps what needs to change first is these statements you have made about who you are.

It’s not just about the mornings, but if that has been a big one for you, then I invite you to become one just for a few weeks, try it out. If you want to experience life being a little different, perhaps you could try being a little different? Incorporate an hour (at least) of self-nourishing – nourish your body, mind, soul and heart every single day before you go out and do your stuff, serve the world, show up, first nourish yourself. This is why I call it the iHour. It started as 1 hour that I divided to include a walk, meditation, TAGging (writing in Thankfulness, Appreciation & Gratitude in my journal), learning and teaching something, connecting with loved ones…then it just grew, the walks grew longer, the meditation as well and now it takes me at least a couple of hours to prepare myself for the glorious day ahead. Read Chapter 4 of The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach to find out more about the iHour. In today’s post, just a short installation on walking or exercising in the morning for weight management:

When I walk for about an hour, I burn less than 200 calories only. But walking or doing cardio in the earlier part of the day also increases your metabolic rate between 10% to 25% for up to 48 hours, with some studies showing an increase in metabolic rate for up to even 72 hours. Who said that and is it true? Well, it is difficult to measure this perfectly, all I know is that it works! This is how I lost so much weight 8 years ago, and recently the only thing I had changed was that I walked in the evening instead of the mornings, and I felt the difference. I wasn’t able to maintain my weight with the same efforts. Once I turned it around again, problem solved!

Metabolism refers to how much energy your body uses or how many calories you burn in a day. Boosting your metabolism means your body will produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel during the day—without doing any additional exercise, hence if you insist on laying in bed or on your bum, because you are “not a morning person” and you say you desire to be slim or to lose weight, then I say, you just love your comfort zone too much, and that includes being the weight you are, which is absolutely fine, but then stop complaining about it and stop going on about how much you want to lose weight, love your body the way it is, accept it and be happy. But if you really truly desire being slimmer and weighing less, then perhaps you need to reconsider these beliefs you have made up about yourself, like “I am not a morning person”.

Watch this space for “Overdose on the good stuff, and you won’t have room for anything that does not serve you!”

Cleansing Process By Moksha

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What I wrote in the last post was about how to deal with situations that have caused hurt but what about hurt that’s riding with you on your back since a very long time? That baggage has to leave you otherwise it will only weigh you down every time baggage is added to it. Soon you wont be able to carry it and it will start percolating inside your body in the form of ailments and diseases. Get rid of it with immediate effect. Here’s a process you can follow.


Cleansing process

All of us need some kind of closure or settlement for some problems in our minds. We may not have been able to react or give it back optimally at the right time, therefore we carried baggage and now its too late to face the person who wronged us. This is a situation all of us find ourselves in, but you don’t have to live with it for the rest of your lives. You have the power, even today, to  give it, that closure. If you follow this process in earnest you will be able to rid yourself of a lot of pent up emotions and therefore physical ailments arising out of it.



Step 1. Accept that there’s a problem

Every negative emotion has a root somewhere. Eg If you are angry with someone for years, you have to realize that this situation needs to be taken care of. Or if your predominant emotion is jealously, you have to realize that you need to deal with it. This realization or acceptance that there is some problem is already half the battle won because most of us live in denial.


Step 2. Identify the problem

Lets say you are angry with someone for last 15 years and you accept that this needs a solution, because its hurting you deep inside, and you are unable to forgive, then the next step is to find the root cause of that anger. Ask yourself questions :

* am I angry with myself for letting it pass?

* am I angry with the person because they harmed me?

*am I angry because they hurt my ego?

*was it my dignity that was at stake?

*was it worth keeping so much anger inside me for so long?

*what were the reasons that made me angry, so angry that it stayed with me for so long?


Once you have successfully identified those reasons, face them, embrace them. Don’t be embarrassed to find a solution. You have to learn to look at each problem in the eye and say “Problem here I come, now lets sit across and beat it down”. Most of us run away from our problems/challenges. This ‘pushing it under the carpet,’ syndrome, all of us suffer from, but imagine a carpet that becomes a mountain soon.


Step 3. Talk it out with someone

Take it out of your system, by pouring it out to a close confidante. Don’t be scared of tears or emotional outburst. It will happen. We don’t like to see ourselves as weak. This happens specially with men. Societal conditioning expects them to be the strong guy, who never cries, or never lets emotion gets the better of him, but its ok to get emotional. Its ok to shed a tear or two. Not comfortable with shedding tears, its fine, but atleast talk it out. You don’t even know how much harm, pent up emotions can cause. Throw the muck out and lead a clean life. A beautiful human being like you doesn’t deserve this toxicity inside them.


Another solution: not comfortable with talking about it to someone, no problem.

When there is no one around, summon your own friend/mother from inside of you. That friend/mother is your soul (your guardian voice), its like a genie, you call upon it and its there, in whichever form you want.



Talk about it with this friend/mother of yours. Either loudly or in your mind.  Identify those milestones during which these episodes occurred in your life that gave you pain. Mentally visualize that milestone. If it hurt you so much, it has to be very vivid in your memory, sob like a baby if you have to. Go there, don’t fear, just go there, you have the strongest person with you, now no one can hurt you. Hang around there, allow the mother, (this entity) to hug you, tell you that it is over and its the past. She will tell you to burn those memories to ashes, and those ashes will help germinate the best saplings in your mind. Allow her to tell you to learn your lesson, to  retaliate optimally when you should, so you can avoid that baggage.



Don’t try and snap out of it immediately. Let it linger if it has to. Give yourself time, you have just cleansed yourself of so much baggage.



After you feel lighter, either meditate or do the activity that you like doing best.


About the Author – Rashmi Joshi  aka “Moksha”

Having meandered through life doing what I was ‘SUPPOSED TO’, I finally realized my calling- writing about how to derive those all important lessons that our souls were meant to. Fuelled by the desire to ‘learn as I lived’ had me writing original quotable quotes by grade 8.

I hold a masters degree in Labour Law, an MBA in HR and along side trained in classical singing, which I pursued for 24 years.

I have written a book on Practical Philosophy that helps people learn to live successfully, make wise choices and get rich by earning pearls of wisdom.


For more on detoxing and cleansing see Julie Sam’s article as posted in the Asian Age where she quoted several life coaches including Malti.

“Physically detoxing is relatively easy: Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, eliminating caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or other mood-altering substances is what is required. But detoxing mentally and emotionally involves a whole lot more, says life coach Malti Bhojwani. She advises eliminating negative conversations of any form, refraining from complaining, whining, criticising, gossiping, lying and thinking/talking unpleasantly about oneself.

“You need to choose carefully and mindfully, your thoughts, refrain from arguments,” she adds. “Smile, be mindful and do one thing at a time, focusing all your attention on that one thing alone.”

Should we Go with the Flow or Swim against the Tide? By Malti Bhojwani (Hint: Only Dead Fish go with the flow)

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In Yoga we aim to unite or integrate the body, the mind, and the spirit and create a balance. In asana and pranayama practice, we observe the flow of energy (prana). Balance is a state that is ever moving, if you look at the Yin and Yang symbol or the concept of Shiv Shakti as an energetic primordial flowing that never ends, you can see that one energy is meaningless without the other. The white can’t exist without the black and the whole cannot be conceptualized without both. Similarly balance should not be confused with stillness, when we balance a clutch and accelerator in a manual car, it is the tiny movement of both, when we balance on a bicycle, it is a slight teetering of left and right. Even in the dancer pose, our muscles are working to coordinate the natural seesawing in order to help keep us from falling.




I keep learning in my life, (as I don on my white belt and use it daily wondering if it will be black when I am put to rest finally), that there is a current and it is always moving, like the escalator of life. Just because you leave a place, a relationship a circumstance, it does not stop and wait for your return, it keeps moving, we are jumping on and off while they it continues in motion.


Some days, you stand politely to the side, satisfied in the deep faith that you will get there eventually, allowing others to rush beside you climbing two steps at a time, and sometimes, you move over to the the right and run up the moving escalator too, oblivious at times of the ones who are standing coolly by the side busying themselves on their smartphones. Then there are the rare times when you run in the opposite direction using all your might.


So the options are not only black or white, go with the flow or swim against the tide. There is a third way which I found after my own sensitivity became heightened through the devoted practice of Hatha yoga, TM Meditation, Homeopathy medicine. The self-development innocently brought a level of purity and cleansing that these practices have been said to bring to many.


I began to be able to sense when a harmonious change of pace became available. This pace is what I call swimming with the flow. There is a time to take action and a time to stay still, just like when we get into an asana, then there is a time for dynamism.


While recently in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Course, I discovered just how tight my hamstrings are and that getting into the final pose of many Asanas are still a long way away for me. My guru Dr. Venky Reddy, teased me that it comes from my stubbornness, which I indignantly denied bullishly.


Seeing my hamstrings were not going to release, I took his suggestion and have been practicing a more flexible way of being in my life outside the mat with the hope that I will be able to do a halfway decent Padangusthasana someday and in turn reinforce my own Ontological coaching model of body-emotion and language cohesion. When you can interfere with one, you will successfully alter the others and hence your results.


Flexibility and stability are essential in creating balance. Societies depend on a balance between stability and flexibility. Your values, goals and conviction represent your stability or your trunk. Your willingness to learn, grow, evolve and interact, stem from being flexible and accepting.  A boxer too embodies this stability and flexibility at the same time, when he stands strong, but yet can bounce from side to side in the rink. Embody it by visualising the strong stem of a flower or even a tree and yet the dancing petals, branches or leaves.


Now, when I set goals, I am focused and hold high intentions but I remain flexible in the approach or the “how” I get to them. Instead of standing still or going against the tide, I realised there is such a thing as swimming with the current, riding the wave when new opportunities knock.

You will find that when you pursue a strong intention, you may ruffle a few feathers around and affect the equilibrium or homeostasis in your surroundings, and the best way to move forward despite this resistance is to swim forward with the current of positivity. Only dead fish go with the flow.


So when a client has a goal, desire or intention and despite their best efforts and hard work, they feel like there is an undercurrent pulling them 2 steps back each time they try to move forward and they find themselves in fear of the whirlpool sucking their dreams up, I encourage them gently to centre, breathe and refocus on the high intention again and then with fresh perspective and sensitivity, feel the direction of the stream’s flow and ride the wave to swim with it towards their goals. As for my Padangusthasana, I’m practicing patience learning to swim with rather that push into it.


Some nuggets from Malti’s books, “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” and the upcoming “The Mind Spa”


  • Hold a high intention but remain flexible in the way it comes to be, so you can respond to opportunities when they knock.
  • Practise being free of resistance. Resistance keeps you blocked and shut down.
  • Being too disciplined and structured is not the answer for there is always a place for flexibility.
  • Remember that it isn’t all about you, you are a part of this world and in order to get anything, you have to give to the world. You are part of the Universe = YOUniverse
  • Understand that when there is an ‘up’ there has to be a ‘down’, and then there is also a ‘mid-air’. We all possess feminine and masculine attributes— and both are needed in order to survive. Doing and allowing are both parts of your growth. ‘Giving’ and ‘Receiving’ are both parts of your journey to manifesting.


As we start the new year most of us have business expansion objectives that we would like to achieve during 2016. If you aren’t yet sure how you are going to generate business leads, then you might want to look at Notable. 

Power of Self belief by Biren Patnaik

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“One day I shall triumph the world, let the day be TODAY”

When was the last time you believed that you can achieve anything? When was the last time when did something amazing? When was the last time when your tears rolled down in accomplishment?
Remember when you were a child; did you ever give a second thought to buy a cycle when you asked from your father? You did everything that your father had asked you to do. As a child you never gave a second thought to anything. You could climb trees, you could do cycle stunts, you could stay without eating for hours just to make everyone meet your demands. You built yourself through numerous failures. Failing at something was just a word or getting ready for another attempt until you succeed. You had no fears, no regrets, no qualms but it was just your self-confidence which kept you going.
As a child, you worshipped a superforce which was invisible yet your belief made you realize that the higher energy will help you to achieve your goal. You were able to achieve your goals only because you believed yourself. There was no word called “RISK” or “What if?” rather you believed “Let’s try again” or “Why not?”
As you grew up, your vision got narrowed, your action stopped responding to your thoughts, you doubted your own ability, you started feeling conscious and you started fearing failure. But as someone has said, Great people think differently, see differently, analyze differently and so did you, but you never brought it into actions. How many times you have created a plan or thought of something which after some days or months became a reality by someone else and the same guy became famous for his innovative thought. What was the difference here? You were as great as that guy but only thing that separated you from him was his courage to action his thoughts and a result he became the innovative person suddenly.

Remember in order to be successful in life; you need to have a belief system, a system where you know yourself, your ability, a belief that you have something unique. Amazing things happen to courageous persons and not only to lucky persons. Even if you don’t achieve what you desired, never stop dreaming because dream is the greatest motivator of all, it pushes you every time, it makes you realize your strength & it gives you courage.
Why do people worship their idols? Why do people worship God? They believe that their idol or God has some power which no ordinary person or themselves have. The unknown super force makes them to be worshiped. You idols are not GOD but they had one super power – self-belief which made them what they are. Each one of you has the same, you need to just identify it and go with the flow. You are great too! You are where you always wanted to be. You are now in a comfort zone, arrogantly holding it with nothing to lose. Break the barrier and make a small move, you will be amazed with the result it delivers.

Everything needs a start and to do so, begin with a small step of being happy. Do one thing everyday which brings a smile in your face – it may be watching a cartoon, reading a book, playing game, writing a thought, helping others or anything which will impact throughout your day and gives a sense of accomplishments. Try it for next for next few days and see the magic unfold.
Children are God’s incarnation and that is why a child does amazing things. Bring the child in you and go a step closer to your dream. Humans do amazing things too. God has blessed us to be unique because he created every human being differently otherwise all of us would have looked same with same characteristics.
Start believing yourself and the power within you and say to yourself “I will triumph” because if God is great then whatever he created is also great.



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Biren Patnaik is a blogger by passion, a professional by character, a dreamer by nature. He is a presently working in an MNC based in Gurgaon. He loves writing articles and short stories, likes reading inspirational books and listening to various philanthropist like Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Napolean Hill and Robin Sharma. He has his own blogging site –

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