“Happy Talk and Happy Thoughts” Negative thoughts are BAD for you – Think happy thoughts and use happy talk to attract positivity by Malti Bhojwani – Professional Certified Life Coach & Author

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“Happy Talk and Happy Thoughts” Negative thoughts are BAD for you – Think happy thoughts and use happy talk to attract positivity

Your natural state is health and well-being, and this is promoted and maintained by positive energy, positive thoughts, positive talk and good feelings. Negative energy is simply not good for you. It causes tiredness, irritability, illness and disease. If it’s in your system, it needs to be eliminated and to be kept out. I believe the only way to keep it out is to replace it with positive thoughts and words. You cannot “not think of a blue ball”. You have to think of a yellow ball.


Because of the close connection between your mind and your feelings, you have to choose and decide now in this instant to think happy thoughts use positive words and therefore feel good. It is your feelings that will attract more and more of the same.

The first thing to do is to change your feelings. To do this, first, start by thinking about times in your life when you were happy.


Look for photos that will remind you of those times. Be careful to only LOOK for the happy moments.

Think of people and things that make you happy, something you bought recently, something you want to buy, if you are a client of MCI, then you can look at your vision board or your pleasure lists. Watch what you say in all your conversations, choose to say only the happy stuff. Monitor yourself complaning and change course. Let it rest, the complaints, think happy thoughts and talk happy words.


When you start thinking and feeling happy, you will find that you can imagine and think of more and more happy and fun thoughts, fantasies for the future or memories from the past, hopes and desires. Once you fill your head with positive and pleasant thoughts, there will be less and less “space” for anything negative.

What you are doing is developing a positive attitude, you can sit there and expect everything to go wrong, or you can expect everything to go right. Based on the facts you have, (or what you think are the facts) let’s just say that there is a 50/50% chance of things going either way. Your expecting it to go the “wrong” way, is not going to make things any better for you, however, if you expect them to go the positive way and for things to work out, no matter what, then your positive expectations, will help you BE who you need to BE in order to DO the stuff that will help you HAVE what you desire.


Read, “Be, Do, Have” link below.


A fabulous by-product of having a positive attitude is that people around you notice the change in attitude and join in with positive thoughts of their own. Just like they join you when you are thinking negative ones. When I was ill last week and complaining about my fall and my tooth and my throat, I attracted and invited people around me to share their aches and pains as well. Same way, when we think and say happy things, people will share their wins and joys as well.


Even if you feel silly at first for thinking only positively, keep at it, it will become a habit. Would you rather look good and “smart” or would you rather be happy? Often, we don’t want to share the cheer and positivity because we think people will laugh and scoff at us and say we are airy-fairy people from lala land, get over that need to “fit-in”, it is far more empowering to be positive and happy even if we end up looking “foolish” to some. See, when you are going against the tide (most people are still quite happy being “normal”, “sane”, “negative”) (they call it being practical)  – when you are going against the tide, yes it is a little more challenging. A great analogy I like to use is to imagine yourself walking on the beach towards the water with the waves coming in against you, it is far easier to do this when you are holding hands with someone or a group of people.


This is a habit that needs to be cultivated, it does feel unnatural at first, it can even feel silly. But the benefits will make it all worth while in the end. Let’s not go into the whys and the reasons, but most of us are more comfortable thinking negatively and complaining, it is just a disempowering habit we need to replace. Happy thoughts and happy talk!

Remember the old song from South Pacific?


Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk,

Talk about things you’d like to do.

You got to have a dream,

If you don’t have a dream,

How you gonna have a dream come true?


So yes, for some, forcing yourself to think fun, happy, positive and good thoughts will help you FEEL good and that will snowball and attract more and more good feelings. Hire a life coach for 90 days to support you in monitoring your thoughts and your words to keep them happy!

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