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July 4, 2013  |  Uncategorized

I was at a leadership talk a while back and a famous Indian CEO said that leadership includes, telling and retelling people what they already know, so they know they are on the right track.


I was looking through my very old life coaching notes from 2000, and then notes from the late Thomas Leonard (one of the founders of life coaching as we know it) and then my newest notes from my training in Ontological coaching and they say very similar things, but I FELT that I was learning new stuff only because I had evolved and grown in the last decade myself.


The observer that I was had grown and so I see differently and hence feel and think differently availing me to act in newer ways creating new results!!!


Tony Robbins said, either we are growing or we are dying, T Harv Eker says the same thing Robert Cooper says, Every moment of our lives we are either growing or dying and back in the day, Seneca has many quotes on learning and growing.


The message is the same and almost repetitive to some of us, because you have heard it before and again and again, the scriptures contain it, old philosophers have claimed it and modern day motivational speakers and authors say it too. I was asked about the similar message in  many books about the magic of gratitude, as in my Journal – Thankfulness, Appreciation, Gratitude. We are all tapping into the same Universal source. We are hearing the same messages from varied messengers as it is the truth. So write, express yourself, don’t be afraid that what you want to say is not new, guess what? Nothing really is. (Unless you are a scientist and then too, there would have been a spark of it back in history)


As I shared in my book, “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich has been around since 1937, it came to my awareness over a decade ago and it went over my head, it re-visited me about 4 years ago and again, I didn’t get it, but last year when I read it, it hit home.


The messenger is not important, the message is and we all have a different “observer” and hence a unique way of explaining what we understand to be the truth and how it works. Through the past few weeks, I have been so humbled and grateful that so many are embracing the truth through “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” and what warms me up even more is that it has helped so many to see that we have to keep learning and growing, or we die.


Happy weekend and TAG someone today,


With Thankfulness, Appreciation and Gratitude,

Malti BhojwaniGrow or Die

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