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Plugging In Audio to help you find your centre and ground yourself in minutes

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Listen while you sit or stand tall.




Are your ungrounded assessments about yourself keeping you overweight?

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“I am not a Morning Person”

If you find yourself making statements like that to yourself and others, when alternate ways of doing things are suggested to you, then a question to ask yourself is if you are truly happy with the way your life is and the results you are creating in your life now? If you are, then that’s awesome, keep doing what you are doing, it is working for you and we all beat to a different drum, so don’t let me or anyone tell you how you should live your life, or that you need to be a morning person or any kind of person. However…..if you do want to change your results, perhaps you are not rich or thin or tolerant and you’d like to be…perhaps life is not feeling as joyful or fulfilling as you’d like it to be, then perhaps what needs to change first is these statements you have made about who you are.

It’s not just about the mornings, but if that has been a big one for you, then I invite you to become one just for a few weeks, try it out. If you want to experience life being a little different, perhaps you could try being a little different? Incorporate an hour (at least) of self-nourishing – nourish your body, mind, soul and heart every single day before you go out and do your stuff, serve the world, show up, first nourish yourself. This is why I call it the iHour. It started as 1 hour that I divided to include a walk, meditation, TAGging (writing in Thankfulness, Appreciation & Gratitude in my journal), learning and teaching something, connecting with loved ones…then it just grew, the walks grew longer, the meditation as well and now it takes me at least a couple of hours to prepare myself for the glorious day ahead. Read Chapter 4 of The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach to find out more about the iHour. In today’s post, just a short installation on walking or exercising in the morning for weight management:

When I walk for about an hour, I burn less than 200 calories only. But walking or doing cardio in the earlier part of the day also increases your metabolic rate between 10% to 25% for up to 48 hours, with some studies showing an increase in metabolic rate for up to even 72 hours. Who said that and is it true? Well, it is difficult to measure this perfectly, all I know is that it works! This is how I lost so much weight 8 years ago, and recently the only thing I had changed was that I walked in the evening instead of the mornings, and I felt the difference. I wasn’t able to maintain my weight with the same efforts. Once I turned it around again, problem solved!

Metabolism refers to how much energy your body uses or how many calories you burn in a day. Boosting your metabolism means your body will produce extra heat and burn more calories for fuel during the day—without doing any additional exercise, hence if you insist on laying in bed or on your bum, because you are “not a morning person” and you say you desire to be slim or to lose weight, then I say, you just love your comfort zone too much, and that includes being the weight you are, which is absolutely fine, but then stop complaining about it and stop going on about how much you want to lose weight, love your body the way it is, accept it and be happy. But if you really truly desire being slimmer and weighing less, then perhaps you need to reconsider these beliefs you have made up about yourself, like “I am not a morning person”.

Watch this space for “Overdose on the good stuff, and you won’t have room for anything that does not serve you!”