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Life Coaching – as featured in the International Coach Federation – ICF Delhi NCR Chapter Newsletter

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Life Coaching as a niche?


A niche helps us to be specific in marketing ourselves. Life Coaching as a niche is wide, as anyone who does any work that helps others to shift are now calling themselves Life Coaches, even when they don’t have any coach training, to this end, I prefer to distinguish myself as a Professional Life Coach.


We coach from our wounds more than from our wins. It is far more effective when we can truly meet with our client where they are in a breakdown or challenge and then support them in moving ahead and upward, rather than standing up on the pedestal as the all-knowing preaching down. If what you are doing is undiluted coaching, then any well trained and experienced coach can coach effectively with business, corporate, personal and relationship goals.


When we can get connected with how we felt in our bodies and emotionally, and recognize our own limiting thoughts, when we were experiencing fear, discomfort and uncertainty in our own lives, that is when we can serve our clients to overcome similar challenges. These wounds and the challenges we faced through our own personal and professional lives is what determines our market and hence our niche. We can only ask the right questions and listen from a space that is within our own experience in some way.


So though it may sound vague, Life Coaching is a niche, and what makes it specific is when we share authentically the human being we are underneath all the coach training and credentials and then when in front of our client, we leave it all behind and we are one human being in front of another, helping to create a magical space to allow the process of coaching to do its work.

Malti Bhojwani PCC – ICF, trained in Ontological Coaching.

Malti is the bestselling author of “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball ” which has received international accolades.