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7 Recovery Steps to heal from breakup and be truly happy

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We have all had relationships in our past that didn’t work. Then there is the one that got away, but shouldn’t have. This is the one that felt as if it was meant to be. This is the one that felt like true love yet just would not work. You felt like the Universe conspired to bring the two of you together against all odds and all the signs were positive and pointed in the direction of the two of you being together. How do you let go of a relationship like this?
When your partner in that relationship was at his or her best, he or she met all of your needs. He or she was the perfect fit for you. If he or she could have been that way with you 100% of the time, rather than just sometimes, you would be in the relationship still. The times he or she was everything you needed are hard to let go of. You have been looking for that kind of love all of your life.

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Are you intimate with your partner?

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Intimacy = Into-me-you-see

When you are able to share of yourself with no fear of judgement or disapproval and need for approval, this is intimacy. When you feel open and welcome to touch your partner whenever you want to, that is intimacy and when you share an implicit trust that you can not only believe them but also depend on them, then you are intimate. Sharing means to share of body, emotion and language. You are not ashamed of the way you look naked and you are not afraid of the words you may utter when you are willing to share things.

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How to control mood swings?

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We all have times when we are just not in a good mood. When we truly feel awful and hopeless. This is when, no matter how many self-help books or authors you follow, or personal development trainings you attend or how much spirituality you try to re-instill, you just feel like nothing is great.

How to overcome the fear of failure or making mistakes?

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There are no failures in life, only results and lessons learnt. The way you look at it makes all the difference in being able to move forward courageously or being stuck where you are. When you change your view of life to be bigger and wider, you will realise that no incident is a failure, as they were just experiences that have weaved the path to bringing you where you are now, which from where I see it, it isn’t too bad at all. You’ve got the time and eyesight to sit back and read this article, don’t you?

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